How We Create Makeup Samples

Our professional So Choix Cosmetic Consultants measure out the perfect sized sample from the full size product, and beautifully package each sample in a sample jar or sample tube. Remember, each box is custom-made just for you and made with love!


You'll get a generous sample for approximately one “regular” use (but all our customers say the samples last a lot longer!). Try makeup in your own environment!


Definitely much more than drawing a couple of lines on the back of your hand like you do at the makeup store, and what’s more, you will get to put it on your face where it belongs!

 Touch, feel, and try makeup - at home - without the hassle of ever going into the store! We bring the makeup counter to you!

 At So Choix, we are always striving for the best quality in both the products and service we offer.


Paying strict attention to stringent hygiene procedures as well as the proper storage and proper use of tools, our So Choix Cosmetic Consultants weigh out the necessary sample from the full-size product and put it in a brand-new sample container. 


This is much more hygienic than sampling a lipstick or eyeshadow in the makeup store that has been poked and prodded by hundreds of strangers.

No-one else has used your sample jar, the jar is brand-new and filled just for you. No-one has used the full-sized product either, it remains un-used except to make more samples.

With each set of products that you choose we also include the appropriate applicators for you to use on your samples!


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