About So Choix


Hi Beauty Lovers!

Let's say goodbye to the days of trying and swatching makeup on the back of our hands...goodbye to disgusting makeup and beauty products that have been sitting in the store for everyone else to poke at...goodbye to pushy sales associates...and let's say hello to So Choix!

CHOIX (pronounced “SHWAA”) is French for “choice”.

We understand that not all of you have a beauty counter near you. We understand that not all of you have time to visit the beauty counter. And we understand that many of you don’t like the physical retail experience. There are the pushy/rude/uncaring sales associates, disgusting testers that have been sitting out all day being touched by hundreds of strangers, and of course, only being able to swatch colors on the back of your hand.

And so that’s why we shop online!

The problem, however, with buying new beauty products online, is the loss of touching a product on our skin, the loss of seeing what the color really looks like in real-life, being unable to smell the product to see if it bothers us, and also being unable to test whether the ingredients make us break out in a rash after a day out!

At So Choix, we want to bring together the best parts of the in-store beauty shopping experience with the best parts of the online shopping experience.

That’s why we let you choose the beauty samples you want to try! We let you try on enough sample of the product to determine whether or not that product lives up to a standard you are happy with, because we believe you need to be able to touch and try makeup and beauty products (on your face!) to love it. But let’s face it (pun intended); it’s pretty gross to sample the products in the store that have been sitting there for everyone to touch. That’s also why we don’t make you pay for a bunch of random samples from random companies that you’ll probably never use (and then end up trashing anyway) in hopes that you’ll make a purchase.

We want to give you an easy, risk-free, and hassle free way of shopping for beauty...we want to help you make thoughtful decisions about your beauty look, your beauty routine, and help you discover who you are, without pressure! This is beauty on your terms.

So Choix is a community of beauty lovers who support and respect each other on our individual Be-YOU-tiful journeys. We want to help you put your best, most confident face forward and help you make beautiful choices, for a beautiful you.

We appreciate your feedback and your suggestions as we grow to re-invent the way you sample and purchase beauty products! If you have any questions or thoughts please contact us at support@sochoix.com.